So, this is my first time writing a blog, so please, bare with me.

Recently, what’s been rolling around in my noggin is this whole ordeal with with Dice’s iteration of Star Wars’ Battlefront. Let me start off by telling a story. I remember when I’d visit my family over the Christmas Holidays back then when it came out. My cousins didn’t have a system so I would take my xbox and I just so happened to have two controllers at that time. I didn’t have any Xbox live at that moment so we decided to play Battlefront,  I really enjoyed it and I figured that my cousins would like it too. On a side note, when I say cousins I’m talking about my one other fifteen year old cousin and my younger cousin who was ten that would watch us play games but we would’nt let him play all the time because he would always die so we’d be jerks and make him watch (lol). Anyways, we busted out the Battlefront and holy crap, that’s about the only thing I remember from that vacation. We had tones of fun playing the game over and over again, just dying and respawning and dying and respawning. For me what it reminded me of was the Good’ol days of Battlefield. Something about fighting alongside other people in a large-scale battle and feeling like you’re contributing to something bigger is what makes the game so enjoyable. I remember I would pick the sniper and pick a good spot and just snipe away while my cousin did work on the other side of the map with the assault trooper.

One thing that I especially enjoyed about the game whenever I played the single player campaign was knowing that even if sometimes I was doing really well on one side of the map, the enemy could be dominating on the other side of the map. That’s where it truly became a game of strategy and not just running and gunning. So, there were moments where I would have to pull back from an area where I was fighting and pick a different trooper to try to support my team in a different area. So, one good match would be something like

“Alright(pick sniper), gonna go set up somewhere and see what I can do. Check that out,they’re all busy fighting those dudes. (Start picking enemies off.) Oh, crap, where am I getting shot from? Dude, what the heck? (Wait for respawn.)”

Now, I know there’s more to it than that but if you’ve played the game then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Overall, I know that one of the greatest issues with the new iteration is the lack of a campaign, but overall, the game still retains it’s essence. There’s still the sensation of fighting and contributing to a greater battle, and there’s still the strategy aspect to it. All this to say that hey, if you could play the very first one(maybe through steam?) that’d be awesome, but if not, then try out the latest iteration. Ask a friend to let you borrow it or watch a couple of videos on it and see if it interests you. If you actually read all this, thank you very much, and holy crap, I can’t believe you read all this, and P.S. my ten year old cousin is older now and actually kicks my butt at Soul Caliber (lol that littler jerk, I’m so proud.)