Hello, everyone, hope y’all are doing alright!
So, personally, I’ve been gaming since I was about eight years old. I have this really awesome memory where my brother let me play Altered Beast for the first time with him on the Sega Genesis(I’m twenty-eight in case you’re wondering lol). It was amazing, it was truly a moment of comradery as we advanced through the levels and transformed as one of the many beasts you could unlock throughout the game.
(On a side note, they were actually working on a remake a couple of years ago but I don’t know what became of it but holy crap, that would’ve been so sick. RISE FROM THE GRAVE! )
Anyhow, I’ve been gaming for quite some time now, and it really is one of my biggest hobbies. This brings me to my first point: Gaming as a hobby.
Now, a Hobby is described as an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation. (Dictionary.com Unabridged, Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2016.) So, for me, anything can be your hobby, whether it’s playing an instrument, reading a book, exercising, or watching a TV show or what have you, but I will say that everything should always be done with moderation. Some people might say that playing videogames is a waste of time and that you don’t really gain anything from the whole experience. Now, I won’t go into that argument because the whole point of a hobby for a lot of people, is to be able to unwind, or just to relax. You get home after a long day from work and you know that there are a ton of other responsibilities waiting for you at your house eg: washing, cleaning, folding, dusting, dinner, meal prep, etc… So, I’m no one to judge someone else based on how they spend their spare time, on their hobbies. If you like to watch Bob Ross videos on your free time but you don’t even paint? Awesome! (That was me for a couple of months, lol ugh, his voice is just so dang soothing, RIP Bob Ross) Do you like to watch videos of a gentleman from another country catching fish, cleaning it and then cooking it over a makeshift stove by a river in some remote of  his county? Great! (Again, guilty, and I really don’t even fish, ugh) Do you like to go to the weird part of YouTube and are convinced that Megalodon still exists, that everything is somehow connected to the Illuminati and that Hitler actually lived for a long time in Argentina after the war? Well, stay out of that part of YouTube! Lol

All in all, gaming should be looked on as any other hobby should be and not be regarded as just a pure waste of time. For whoever decides to indulge in it could be doing it for justified reasons and shouldn’t be vilified over it.

Well, unless that person is playing a horrible game or a horrible port of a game that was clearly meant for console. Like some of the Batman games, then yes, it’s OK to judge someone. lol j/k One life One love, ya’ll!