Hello, everyone! Hope y’all are doing great! 

If you read my last post on video gaming as a hobby, and whether or not you should do it after marriage. This is my next point following that same topic. Which is How to Hobby!

How to hobby, in my last post I passingly talked about how we should do everything in moderation. So, how do you do your hobby in moderation? Let me add a little more context to my question.

There’s this really cool video on YouTube(link at the bottom) by Stephen Covey(author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) where he talks about prioritizing areas of your life and putting first things first! The video is really cool and it’s not that long so if you have a minute I recommend it! If you don’t want to watch it(that’s cool too lol) basically, he tells one of the audience members(a lady) to go up to a jar that is half fillled with marbles and adjacent to the jar are large rocks. He tells her that the rocks will represent the important things in her life and that the marbles will represent secondary things in her life. So, she attempts to make the rocks fit and fails; it is then that Mr. Covey presents her with another jar but this time the marbles are outside. He tells her to put the big rocks in first and after she successfully fits all of them in, he tells her to pour the marbles in and sure enough they all fit! 

What Mr. Covey is trying to tell us  here is that if you prioritize and take care of the big things-the most important things in your life- then all the little minor stuff will just fall into place. I believe that as long as you’re prioritizing your life then there is no reason why a hobby should be problematic. For example; I could say 

“My wife totally hates video games, I don’t know what her problem is, I don’t get on to her because she watches Gossip Girl(lol she does watch Gossip Girl and has me watching it now too)!”

A concerned citizen “How often do you play?”

Me “Oh you know, the usual 4 hours a day.”

Concerned Pizza Delivery Bro “Four hours a day? Knights of Columbus, that’s a long time!”

Me “I don’t telll you how to live your life!” 

So, you might be reading this and saying 

“But I don’t know what the important things in my life are.”

That’s ok, I want to bring this to your attention because there are important things in your life that need more attention and cultivating! As you read this, I encourage you to just take a moment and ask yourself what are the important things in your life and are you spending more tjme on those things or on your hobbies?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s so easy to get sucked into a three hour gaming session with games like Fall Out Four or Overwatch out but just be patient with yourself and make the effort to begin to define, what are the important things in your life!

Thank y’all for reading, y’all have a good Juan. One life, one love!


Prioritizing your time!