Captains Log, October 28th 2016

So, why video games for us? In my case, I’ve been playing video games since…well, dang I think I was playing video games before I could talk! Lol my brother owned a sega Genesis and a Super Nintendo and I remember growing up playing Super Mario World, Killer Instinct(until my parents banned it for being too violent lol), Kirby, Altered Beast, and I remember just watching him play a lot of video games. I remember playing through Fighting Force(PS ONE) with him shortly after it released, in one sitting! He was the athletic male character and I picked the big bulky dude; and boy, that game was a real romp. You just ran around, beating dudes up, picking up axes and fire extinguishers, it was just loads of fun!

(Side note, part two was still fun but it wasn’t a co-op game so it wasn’t as fun for me, but still a good game.)

Giulli knows that I played video games, when we were friends, when we were dating and even right now while we’re married! I don’t believe she’s ever had a problem with it and personally, I believe it’s added more to our relationship. I’ve slow been introducing her to some games so as to get her acquainted with them. Why? Because come on! Lol if I get her started right off the bat on Call of Dutys multiplayer, that’s not going to be any fun for anyone. Lol So, we’ve been playing stuff like Awesomenauts, or Rayman Legends and we’ve been having  a great time! She’s genuinely getting into the game which is more than I could ever ask for. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not asking that she be a full-out gamer, drinking a Mountain Dew Code Red, playing for five hours and yelling obscenities at the game when she dies. Lol If I want that, I’ll call my best friend,  but truth is, I just love hanging out with her. Video games are just another avenue for us to enjoy each other’s company more! So for any couples who are(some day lol) reading this, are there any games y’all like to play together(without killing each other lol)? Thank y’all, for reading!

One life one love, y’all!