November 1st 2016

So after a lot of begging and saving, I was finally able to get the PS VR recently and holy cow, it really is an experience. 

Before I fully go into the review of the PS VR, let me first tell you of what my wife and I had to go through to get it. You see, if you kept up with the VR scene, you know that Sony released a Launch Bundle October 13th. Well, when that day came around I didn’t have the whole amount saved up to buy it that same day. So I had to go to sleep thinking about those people who stayed up till midnight to get a Launch Bundle at Best Buy October 12th. Now, the Launch bundle costs five-hundred dollars and came with the headset(400$), a camera(60$), two PS move Wands(100$ or 70$) and a game(VR Worlds 40$) so you’re saving about seventy bucks! The days after launch I began to see different bundles come out of GameStop; all of them were at the same price(500$) but half of the equipment included was used! So, the following week when I finally had the money to buy a Launch Bundle, my wife and I decided to try to find one. I go to the GameStop by my house, sold out, I go to a Walmart by my work, sold out, I call different Walmarts around the area, sold out, I look at Best Buy, sold out, Amazon, sold out, and then I begin to see people who have purchased the Launch Bundle and reselling at 650$ begin to appear online! 

I try to call a Walmart store and ask to speak with someone in the electronics section, after the operator says

“One moment please, let me transfer your call” and they just hung up on me! (Lol) 

Finally, Friday morning of the following week after Launch, I’ve gotten paid and after more begging Giulli let’s me order a bundle online and well…I’ll just have to tell you what happens in the next post, see you soon! One life, one love y’all!