Hello, everyone, my name is Eugenio and my wife’s name is Giulliana, and the whole purpose of our blog is to shed a little light on the complexities of marriage. Now, hold one a second, before you walk away thinking it’s just another blog on giving marriage advice, we really just want to let everyone into our world for a little bit. I like to play videogames and do other things and Giulli is currently studying to be a Civil Engineer and we’re both trying to keep it all together. Lol! We’re having a great time together and we hope you would stay for a moment and look at some of the stuff that we’re into and maybe we share the same likes! (Or dislikes?) So, thank you so much for reading all of this, my Twitter is 

@riveniojr so if you want to hit me up, you’re more than welcome to!

Facebook is

Eugenio Rivas and just look for my picture lol